SAVOGY is globally active, private and independent advisory firm providing consultancy services for governmental agencies and companies in the fields of safety and environmental technologies.

With almost 40 years of experience in working with security products at Heimann Systems and Smiths Detection and more than 25 years experience as a Sales Manager responsible for the Middle East and North African (MENA) region, I have established Savogy International Consulting in order to provide support and independent advisory in the field of Safety Technology to interested customers.

With over than 5 years’ co-operation with Team Experts, a joint venture company established between Pro Plan GmbH, located in Aachen, Germany and igr AG, located in Kaiserslautern in Germany, Savogy International Consulting is able to provide Environmental Technology consulting and services to customers in Middle East and North Africa.

Our partners are well-known European and international market-leading suppliers, manufacturers, service providers and experts such as engineers, architects and designers.

This network of partners and alliances which has developed over decades allows to offer clients fast, interdisciplinary connections to optimal partners that promise cost and time-saving success and competitive advantage, especially for complex projects.

Fereidun Alizadeh, Managing Director


We are providing support and services to our customers by installation, on-the-job training of local staffs for the offered technology as well as after sales services in close co-operation with our well-known trained technical team at site.

Safety Technology

Our clients include the transportation authorities, customs and governmental organizations, first responders and those responsible for protecting the critical infrastructure of many countries. We work closely with governmental entities and organizations and leading institutions to respond to changing security treats, and together we develop innovative and sustainable threat detection and security solutions. These solutions include:

Baggage and Parcel Inspection

Airfreight Cargo and Vehicle Inspection

Hold Baggage Screening

People Screening

Radiation Detection



As security regulations for airports continue to evolve, international law mandates require that every person, bag, parcel and piece of cargo must be screened before it is loaded onto a passenger aircraft. SAVOGY’s independent advisory provides clients with customized safety solutions for airports.
Critical Infrastructure
The reality of bad actors seeking out high profile targets on the global stage means that landmarks, government buildings, and utilities require the most advanced threat detection solutions available. SAVOGY advises clients about the latest threat detection technologies to screen people, baggage, parcels, cargo and vehicles to keep critical infrastructure safe.
Customs and Border Protection
Customs and border control require large and complex security solutions. We help clients choose the right technologies and services to quickly and effectively scan people, vehicles, bags, parcels and cargo at seaports and rail and border crossings.
Military clients around the world are facing constant and evolving threats. We provide advisory services for technology products to different threat areas and security situations. These include detection technologies for the following areas: radiological, explosives & narcotics, chemical, x-ray screening, biological, integrated communications
Event Security
In the intervening years, security at sporting events and gathering places, both indoor and outdoor, has become even more critical to event planning and execution. We advise clients to find the best solutions for screening people and packages quickly and effectively.
Law Enforcement
Savogy helps finding law enforcement security solutions for police stations and prisons.
We support clients to detect cargo-scanning solutions for ports needed to keep potentially hazardous material, narcotics and contraband out of parcels and pallets, while still keeping global trade moving at a brisk pace.

Environmental Technology

In co-operation with Team Experts (Developing; Consulting; Architecture and Construction), a joint venture company established between Pro Plan GmbH located in Aachen, Germany and igr AG, located in Kaiserslautern, Germany, which consist of highly qualified specialists, such as architects, specialist engineers and scientists of the following fields:

Environmental planners, town/city planners, architects, country preservers, biologists, geographers, surveyors, cartographers, building engineers, domestic water economists traffic engineers mechanical engineers economists, traffic engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, processing technicians, information specialists, experts on administration and business management, draftsmen.

Wastewater Technology

In co-operation with AREI Kanal-Service GmbH, located in Düren, Germany we are in position to provide interested customers Waste Sewage Technology and services for

Pipe -and Sewer cleaning

Pipe -and Sewer rehabilitation

Sewer Inspection with TV-System

Leakage Tests

Suction -and Water jetting of Sewers

Sewer positioning & assessment damage


Savogy Partners


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